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Parent Therapy

Are you struggling with family conflict? Is it difficult to set limits with your child? Is your child having tantrums that feel impossible to manage? Are you feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to support your child with their own mental health challenges or academic problems?

Parents are facing more stress than ever given the COVID-19 pandemic, which was associated with a significant increase in mental health challenges, particularly amongst adolescents. I provide a range of evidence-based treatments to support caregivers and children, ranging from ages of 2-7 through early adulthood. Given my background in School Psychology, I enjoy supporting parents in the process of communicating with school systems while navigating appropriate educational supports and accommodations. If any of these services sound helpful, please see more below:

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

PCIT is an evidence-based treatment for children (ages 2-7) experiencing behavioral problems. Sessions include both children and caregivers, during which, the therapist coaches caregivers using "bug-in-ear" technology to help parents learn and apply skills immediately within sessions. PCIT focuses on enhancing caregiver-child relationships and improving caregiver abilities to set limits, house rules, and manage difficult behaviors at home and in public settings. Additional information about PCIT can be found here.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Children (DBT-C)

DBT-C is intended for families (children ages 7-12) experiencing conflict and behavioral problems (tantrums, aggression, self harm, etc.). Parents spend the first several sessions working with their therapist to create a "change-ready environment" - increasing emotion regulation skills and improving relationships with their children (prior to utilizing behavioral strategies to decrease behavioral problems). Following this, children enter treatment for both individual therapy sessions and family skills training sessions. Families have access to phone coaching and can contact their therapist for help implementing skills in the moment.

Parent Coaching (Adolescents & Young Adults)

It can be overwhelming for parents to support their children with problems related to anxiety, mood, academics (including school refusal), social functioning, family conflict, and other concerns. A large component of my work involves teaching parents manage their own emotions and validate their child's emotions -- in other words, communicating to their child that their emotions or urges make sense given their history, current life circumstances, and other factors. By showing their child that their feelings matter, family conflict is reduced and relationships are improved. I also teach parents to communicate calmly and clearly to set and hold boundaries, provide reinforcement (praise, rewards, attention, etc.) and use consequences effectively (and sparingly).

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